The Trustee's Team

In addition to the trustee, the insolvency case of the debtor and the EGFE corporations are handled by professional and experienced attorneys from the trustee’s office – FWMK law offices, who are involved in the case in preparing motions, collecting information and documents and analyzing them, preparing and conducting investigations and depositions, accompanying the proceedings in Israel and abroad, and more.
The trustee’s team includes, in addition to the trustee, five attorneys and one article clerk:

• Adv. Idan Adler Reiss – Partner in the insolvency department of FWMK
• Adv. Dvori Biton Zini – Associate in the insolvency department of FWMK
• Adv. Nadav Shefer – Associate in the litigation department of FWMK
• Adv. Roman Peltsman – Associate in the insolvency department of FWMK
• Adv. Zvi Karl – Associate in the insolvency department of FWMK
• Mr. David Zanani – Article clerk in the insolvency department of FWMK

Adv. Lior Dagan is the Head of the Insolvency, Restructuring and Debt Settlement department at the Furth, Wilensky, Mizrachi, Knaani & Co. (FWMK) law firm. Adv. Dagan has extensive experience of more than 20 years in managing complex litigation and insolvency cases, both as an officer in the procedure (liquidator, trustee, receiver or special manager), and also as a lawyer representing creditors in insolvency proceedings in Israel and worldwide, and more specifically – experience in international recognition files and cross border insolvency proceedings, alongside with taking an active part in precedent rulings in the field.

Adv. Dagan serves as a foreign representative in the USA as part of recognition procedures in the USA according to Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code. Adv. Dagan specializes in finding professional and optimal solutions for challenging procedures and complex situations, while implementing creative and innovative strategies at the legal and commercial level and with a broad business vision. Adv. Dagan has gained many years of experience in planning, approving and managing complex creditor arrangements in public and private companies.

Adv. Dagan served, among other things, as a representative in public and private companies, in start-up and high-tech companies, as well as in sports associations, and also represented creditors in some of the largest debt settlements held in the Israeli economy. Adv. Dagan serves as the Deputy Chairman of the National Insolvency Committee of the Israeli Bar Association, and actively and regularly lectures on panels and in various conferences in the field of insolvency. Before joining FWMK in 2012, Adv. Dagan founded and managed an independent firm in the fields of insolvency and litigation. Adv. Dagan graduated his LL.B (Law) and his B.A in Business Administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2001.

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