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Realization of Assets

The trustee filed a motion to the court against Mrs. Vered Ben Ari, together with Bank Mizrahi Tefahot Ltd. [by virtue of being a secured creditor] for the realization of the prestigious duplex apartment in the Savyoney Ramat Aviv neighborhood in Tel Aviv that is owned by the debtor and Mrs. Ben Ari at a rate of 50% each, where Ms. Ben Ari lives. As part of the motion, the court was required to authorize the trustee and the secured creditor to take any action necessary for the procedures of the sale and realization of the duplex at the highest price. The parties submitted pleadings and affidavits, and it was determined that on September 19, 2022, a hearing will be held in court.

The trustee filed a motion to the court for approval of the sale of the debtor’s car, an Audi A4, after the trustee managed to locate and seize the debtor’s vehicle, which was in the possession of a third party. After an announcement was made in the press about the sale of the car, several offers were submitted, and later a bidding round was made between the bidders. At the trustee’s request, the court approved selling the vehicle for 106,000 NIS, in accordance with the highest offer submitted to the trustee.

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