Investment Philosophy

Offshore Alternative Investments

EGFE specializes in providing financial intermediary services, specifically in the sphere of offshore alternative investments, geared towards clients who seek peace of mind and solid annual net returns of 8% – 10% – 12%.  Risk management is a major focus, and EGFE’s expertise is finding investments with low volatility and high Sharpe ratios.

EGFE does not offer tax advice, thus we strongly urge our investors to consult with their own tax advisors regarding any decision to make (or refrain from making) investment decisions.

EGFE represents its clients throughout the entire investment cycle:

  1. Seeking out and working only with large international proven investment companies who stress risk management, non-correlation to traditional stock/bond markets and long-term positive track records;
  2. Assisting the client throughout, from signing forms to accompanying the transfer of funds from the client’s own account to an account with the investment company abroad, always under his control, and eventual transfer back to client’s account;
  3. Accompanying the client during the life of the investment, providing monthly reports, added value, professional and personalized service.  EGFE is remunerated by the investment company and not by the client so it can maintain its objectivism and not churn the client like brokers and banks.
    To date EGFE has a few hundred clients who have invested tens of millions of dollars.

Private Equity/Venture Capital

EGFE also specializes in the world of private equity/venture capital while employing a unique business model. Up until now tens of millions of dollars have been raised for ventures in the following areas: life sciences, technology in the world of automotive/energy, homeland security, alternative energy (natural gas) and specialized medical solutions. These investments are only offered to clients who understand the risk involved, and in any case represent a small fraction of their overall portfolio.

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