Tarya – Person to Person (P2P) Lending

Tarya is a sophisticated person to person (P2P) lending platform which offers our Israeli investor a safe and liquid annual income of approximately 5% net (of fees and taxes). For a minimum of 5,000 nis, this innovative and new financial product can be purchased online with the investment code “EGFE.”

The word “Tarya” is part of a Talmudic expression (Tarya ve-Shakla) meaning deliberating and discussing a topic or a problem in order to understand it from all its aspects and then try to find a solution that will benefit all those involved. Thus, Tarya conveys the idea of Jewish compassion and mutual responsibility. Loans are given to those who need them in a fair, cautious and contemplated manner, in an efficient and bank/branch-free environment. No longer can the Israeli banks use their power (in a negative sense) to discriminate against most people who don’t have a deep understanding of the financial world.

Thus, Tarya was established with the aim of creating a financial community that cares for its clients; a community that enhances the ability of its participants to get much needed loans from people who wish to invest in a thoughtful way. Tarya brings together people who have money to loan, with people who need a loan and allows the investors to receive a nice return on their money.

Who can invest in Tarya? Anyone 18 or older with an active Israeli bank account.

Why invest in Tarya?

  • Yield – Tarya offers a solid investment with a handsome rate of return.
  • Liquidity – money can be withdrawn at any time by the press of a button on the lender’s computer and funds are quickly moved back into his/her bank account. There are no penalties or fees to withdraw funds.
  • Diversification – A diversified investment portfolio with a small minimum investment of only 5,000 nis – super stable and solid. The lender’s funds are spread out amongst many loans by many borrowers and therefore the maximum exposure to any one loan is very small.
  • Innovation – Tarya’s innovative technology provides a simple and friendly process which is transparent and fair. Tarya was founded by Israeli intelligence (army) experts who know the world of profiling and who built a super-sophisticated technological platform. Today, the staff has grown and includes highly experienced personnel in establishing and managing large and complex business systems. CEO and founder Eyal Elhayany is a world expert and entrepreneur in the Internet domain, including identifying and monitoring fraud, advanced communication solutions and the analysis of large data banks.
  • Transparency, clarity and fairness throughout – here are no hidden fees or penalties, no small print and Tarya protects the clients’ privacy with the highest possible standards.
  • Guarantees and Supervision – Altshuler Shaham is the trustee (under the custodianship of Bank Leumi) and has a well-deserved reputation as one of Israel’s leading providers of trust services.
  • Tax – profits are taxed at the lower bracket of 15% and deducted at source (except for new immigrants who are exempt).

For further details, please contact our sales department at 03-7510090 or sales@egfe.com.