Sharap Plus

EGFE has been appointed a special agent for the Sharap Plus holding company which has experienced a hugely successful entry and expansion into the private medical clinics market in Israel.

Taking advantage of management’s proven experience and expertise in managing both real estate and medical centers, Sharap Plus fills a proven need for modern centers that offer a solution for doctors who do not want/need to build their own clinic, as well as patients who wish to receive a second opinion and medical advice in a welcoming environment close to their hospital.

Sharap Plus is managed by Golan Sapir and Shlomo Baranovski, leading real estate and financial experts who are setting new and high standards of excellence and safe investing.  Please visit their website at:


Sharap Plus Centers

There are currently three centers in Israel: Haifa, Kfar Saba and Petach Tikva.  Adjacent to the Petach Tikva Sharap is an exclusive hotel, Top Beilinson, for patients recovering from heart surgeries/chemotherapy.  All four centers are managed by the Sharap Plus Holding Company.

Please visit the Sharap Plus website at:

Sharap Plus as an Investment Opportunity

Since EGFE is one of the primary investment agents for Sharap Plus, we have an appointed member on the Sharap Plus Board of Directors. This board member will represent the best interests of EGFE’s clients and for Sharap Plus as a whole.  Investors through EGFE hold a third of the company’s shares and are backed by a solid legal agreement ensuring the minority’s rights.

Sharap Plus is expected to continue expanding across the country, opening new centers, clinics and possibly additional recuperation/rehabilitation centers. This projected expansion will provide further investment opportunities.

If you would like more information about this exciting and innovative project, please contact us at: or call Mike / Tali at 03-7510090.