Welcome to EGFE!

Our Background

Ever Green Fields Enterprises (EGFE) is an international company offering financial services and products to its clientele.  Since its founding by Michael Ben-Ari (Greenfield), the company has been servicing over 750 clients worldwide.

Michael Ben-Ari made aliyah from Los Angeles at the age of 21 having completed his B.A. in Brandeis University in Boston.  Upon coming to Israel, he asked to join the I.D.F., and later worked for six years at Bank Leumi Headquarters and completed his M.B.A. at Tel Aviv University, majoring in finance and marketing.  In 1999 he founded EGFE, named after his late father and childhood family name.

For information about the products we offer, please visit our Investment Products section.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build long term relationships, based on integrity and superb service with our clients.  We strive to understand their economic needs and provide service according to their circumstances and personal investment profiles. Please note that EGFE offers its investment products to qualified investors only.

Our aim is to help clients find “safe” financial products, which can provide for their future, with long term and positive results, while minimizing stock market risk.

Our commitment is to achieve these goals with an unparalleled level of integrity.